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Expert and Reliable Eye Care

As a registered and responsible optician you will receive a comprehensive eye examination. We will assess the health of your eyes and investigate how your lifestyle or occupation affects your visual requirements. With this information we can prescribe you with spectacles that are made to the high standards you would expect.

As well as a full eye exam, we also specialized in contact lens fitting. We provide a full contact lens service, including continuous supplies of contact lenses and solutions.

We also specialize in fitting contact lenses for children above 14 yrs providing they meet the criteria for lens wear and can show the required level of responsibility. We see no reason why young children cannot enjoy the freedom offered by contact lenses 🙂

As well as the eye exam, we provide professional dispensing for your spectacles. We are very experienced at helping you choose the glasses that suit you and your needs, taking precise measurements and fitting spectacles that not only do they look great, but fit and work as they should do.

Whether you want glasses for just Single Vision, Bifocals or Multifocals we make choosing your new spectacles as easy as possible.

Our Specialized Services

Eyesight Improvement
Comprehensive Eye Examination
Eyeglass Repairs
State-of-the-Art Diagnostics
Contact Lens Fittings
High Standard Prescription

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